Marine Reunites With Service Dog, Says God Answered His Prayer


Acouple years back, Lance Corporal Andrew Harmon returned home from his deployment in Afghanistan. Though he was ecstatic to come back to his loving wife and new baby girl, he left behind a piece of his heart — the dog who worked by his side. “I just prayed a lot for the dog. I was like, ‘God, I hope one day I get to see him again,’” Harmon said.

For seven months, Harmon spent every waking moment with a Labrador named Rebel. Harmon led Rebel searching for IEDs, and Rebel succeeded inprotecting soldiers from several bombs. The heroic soldier and canine shared an indescribable connection. But over time, the war became too much for Rebel to bear. After suffering a blow to the head from an explosion, he retired. He went to live with a woman in North Carolina — but when she couldn’t afford to treat a tumor on Rebel’s knee, she knew exactly who to call. That’s when fate stepped in and had its way

Harmon gladly adopted Rebel into his family and raised almost enough funds to cover Rebel’s medical bills. In the meantime, the courageous pup is enjoying his loving new home. Seeing Rebel interact with Harmon’s 1-year-old daughter — after just two days at home — is so incredibly heartwarming. It’s almost as if this little girl knows how safe she is around Rebel, and how the dog makes her dad happier and healthier.

Harmon says the two best friends help each other cope with PTSD-induced nightmares. “We get to hold each other in the middle of the night.” What an incredible ending to an already powerful story.

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