Make A Secret Stash Jar


Any fan of survival tricks, fun science experiments or even just handy tips for the house has probably seen one of Grant Thompson’s videos. Self-proclaimed “The King of Random,” Grant Thompson has become something of an internet celebrity. Over 4 million YouTube subscribers watch his weekly posts, which range from decorative napkin folding to homemade arc furnaces.

Despite his success on YouTube, he considers most of what he films weekend projects. He first started filming videos as a means of learning to produce high-quality videos and to archive cool experiments he’s conducted in the hopes that his young children will one day want to duplicate them. True to his general approach to life, he felt that the best way to learn about something was to try it for himself.

Although he is highly prolific, he admits that many attempts end in failure before he is able to film a successful video. He likes to tweak cool tricks he has learned to improve upon them or put his own spin on them. This means that an idea may be toyed with for years before a video of it is finally released. When he isn’t putting together these videos, he keeps busy running a business in real estate. And if that isn’t enough, he is also an airline pilot.

In this tip, Grant Thompson makes a secret stash jar out of a simple can of Miracle Whip. It might not be the best place to stash large amounts of cash for a family whose teenager is regularly raiding the refrigerator, but it can serve as a handy place to keep a small amount of “rainy day” funds. Alternatively, keep the jar in the back of the pantry, and it is less likely to be opened by innocent snackers.



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