Look Closely At This Cemetery. It Went Viral For One CHILLING Reason…


This is a clip that a couple of tourists captured while exploring and old village cemetery in England. It was shot in HD, so the uploader says it’s “the clearest ghost shot you will ever see.”

We’ve seen videos like this one before, and people usually go wild for them. In 2009, a man uploaded thissurveillance footage from Disneyland when a faint figure walks down the path in the middle of the night.

Regardless of the otherworldly aspect of the clip, this is a gorgeous churchyard cemetery, and what a lovely day for a visit. Some people think it’s all visual trickery, and the shade among the breezy shadows is what makes the eery, ghost-like effect. Other people, however, believe in the otherworldly and think they saw another entity.

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