This Little Boy Is NOT Afraid To Sing In Front Of His Whole Church!


This little boy has certainly got the holy spirit inside of him! Sometimes when you start speaking in church, your soul just gets full of passion and spirt and you just need to let it all out…and this little boy perfectly shows just how passionate some people can get when they’re caught up in the moment!
The video starts right in the middle of it, so you’re not even given the chance to see a build up. Thankfully, whoever was filming this moment was able to keep the camera from shaking because this little boy is just too cute.

While some people originally thought he was mocking the church, it was later discovered that this little child just really got all fired up and needed to express his faith as loud as possible. Some of the older choir members in the background can’t help but chuckle at this little boy’s antics, and it isn’t until the preacher comes in at the 1:12 mark that everything quickly returns to normal.

While he may not be as pitch perfect a singer as the amazing a cappella group “Won by One,” you certainly have to give this boy some respect for giving it his all. No one can deny that he’s passionate about what he’s doing!

What do you think of this hilarious clip? Have you ever heard someone sing like this before? Let us know in the comments below!

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