Jimmy Fallon Imagines Ridiculous Celebrity Conversations In Hilarious Clip


If you’ve ever wondered what famous people talk about on the red carpet, those days are gone.

Jimmy Fallon’s “entertainment correspondent” Peggy Hess knows exactly what all the celebs whisper about on the red carpet. During The Tonight Show on Wednesday, June 10, the SNL alum reveals the stars’ thoughts in a special Celebrity Whispers segment.

“Do you ever wonder what celebrities are whispering to each other when they’re on the red carpet or at press conferences or any of that stuff?” Fallon began. “We have, too, and that’s why we sent our entertainment correspondent from the UK, Mr. Peggy Hess, with his highly sensitive microphones to get to the bottom of it.”

In the clip below, Fallon transforms into the British personality. The comedian narrates the wild conversations between Jessica Chastain and her Interstellar costar Matthew McConaughey. Later on, he reveals the hilarious antics of supermodels Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, which includes a pretty funny “Knock knock” joke. The whole bit is hysterical.

See more hilarious conversations with Jack Black, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Emily Blunt in the video below. Is he a good lipreader? You’ll just have to watch and decide that for yourself.

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