Indiana Animal Shelter Sat Empty On Black Friday For One Incredible Reason


So many kind souls have opened their homes and loving arms to pets who were once neglected, abandoned, and unwanted.

Many of these people have stated afterwards that their new furry family members have come to teach them valuable lessons about patience and kindness.

In an effort to help their animals, many shelters across the country are encouraging us us to all to contribute our time and resources. One shelter is even collecting old sweaters to help keep its pups warm!

Other shelters are going to wonderfully unexpected lengths to inspire people to actually adopt the pets.

Over Thanksgiving, a shelter in Fort Wayne, IN, saw all of its cages emptied for the first time in history.

More than two dozen dogs and cats went home with their new owners, leaving a rather astonishing sight back at the shelter…

Scroll on to find out how one shelter accomplished the unimaginable, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


For the first time in its history, the shelter kennels at Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control stood empty.


Over Thanksgiving weekend, the shelter offered a special Black Friday deal, cutting the usual $100 adoption fee to $10, in hopes of encouraging loving families to come and meet the animals waiting to be adopted.



“They’ve all gone home — and here are the most beautiful pictures to prove it,” said a staffer at the shelter.

And beautiful they are, indeed. There was an unfamiliar atmosphere of quiet, of emptiness — but it was the best day the staffers at the shelter had ever had.


“It brought out people in droves,” said shelter staff Jodi Hamilton to WDAM. “I have been here eight years and this is the first time in my memory we have not had any available, adoptable dogs.”


Hundreds of people visited the shelter, eager and encouraged to find their new furry best friend.


The shelter later made another astonishing announcement after Black Friday: The pups weren’t the only ones who found new homes that day. All of the cats had been adopted, too!


That one day has changed the lives of more than two dozen shelter pets forever.

We hope that everyone will consider adopting this winter season and welcome a new, sweet friend into their home, and forever into their hearts.

Watch the news reel below for more information:



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