Horse Buddies Are Reunited After Years


Sue Blagburn is an Englishwoman who, in another life, ran a marketing and design business. Although she was successful, it didn’t provide her with the fulfillment she craved. After some soul-searching, she realized that what gave her more joy and peace than anything else in her life was her relationship with her pet horses.

Because her business had taken up so much of her time, she had had to sell one of her beloved horses, Arthur, four years prior to the filming of this video. She wanted Arthur to have a better life and more attention than she could provide at the time. But she never forgot her beloved equine, and eventually she tracked him down and repurchased him.

As stated, it had been four years since Blagburn had last owned Arthur, and four years since he’d seen any of the other horses with whom he’d spent his foalhood years. The video depicts a heartwarming reunion between Arthur and his old friends William and Harry – as soon as he saw them, they galloped together in a homecoming that can only be described as magical.

Ms. Blagburn finally left behind her life as a marketer and designer, and started an organization called Adventures With Horses. Its goal is to provide equine facilitated learning, which her site describes as “…an emerging field in which horses and humans work together experientially. Participants engage with the horses to learn about themselves and others.” What did you think of this special reunion? SHARE with your friends on Facebook to make their day a little brighter.



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