Hope For Paws Rescues Homeless Mom And Pups


Los Angeles based animal rescue group Hope for Paws received a call about a homeless dog and her new puppies. They had taken up under an abandoned house and needed intervention. Left on their own, it would be unlikely that the puppies or mother would survive much longer. While most new mothers would be apprehensive, this one clearly knew that her rescuers had good intentions. Watch as they squeeze under the house to ensure that each and every puppy is safely re-homed.

After being fostered together long enough for the pups to ween naturally, the pups were ready for adoption. Though Sansa’s gentle and loving nature is clearly apparent from this footage, she is still waiting for her forever home. Despite the evidence to the contrary, the reputation of pit bulls as being a naturally aggressive breed makes the adoption of older dogs difficult, and they are the most common breed found lingering in shelters. Breed specific regulations in cities and from landlords make even potential loving homes an impossibility.

If you would like to help, you can donate to your local shelter or volunteer to foster dogs until they can be adopted. Spay or neuter your dogs and fight breed specific legislation.



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