Great ways to upgrade your light switch covers around the home


If you ever feel the need to make some sort of change in or around the house, consider starting small before doing something drastic like painting the walls a new color or flipping the furniture around. Sometimes making a little change in one room will make you see said room in a whole new light. Besides, it’s typically easier to make more changes than to undo them.

So, if you’re now feeling inspired to make some adjustments in your home, consider upgrading your light switch covers. This is a great place to start because the covers are easy to remove and are easy to decorate. For example, you could cover them with scrapbook paper, as seen below.

Alternatively, you could add a frame around your light switch to give it a sleek look.
For those of you with worldly aspirations, consider covering your light switch with a map of your choosing. It can be the map of your hometown or a map of the place you’d most like to visit.
Here’s an elegant frame that would look great in any room of the house.
If you’re looking to get fancy, why not bust out the glitter? First, remove the cover and apply Mod Podge. Then grab the glitter of your choosing and add liberally.


Are you constantly forgetting things on your to-do list? Cover your light switch with sticky notes and you’ll never forget to pick up milk from the grocery store again.

A rustic gold frame will add some class to your basic, colorless light switch cover.

Need a good place to keep your keys? Unscrew the light switch cover and place a magnet in the wall.

This brass plated cover not only adds a little pizzazz to the room, but also has a spot for keys and keychains.

Below you’ll get a few more ideas as to how to upgrade your light switch covers. Give the video a spin and let us know your favorite design.


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