Grandma has no clue she’s being filmed. Instantly gets caught in the act and leaves everyone in fits of laughter


How well can you dance?

We have heard and read of stories of older folks who have done the unexpected. For instance, one grandmother ran 26.2 miles in 7 hours.

There are things we do not expect our grandparents to do; like dancing in a busy parking lot. Well, one grandmother proved that old age is not a barrier to display some funky dance moves.

As soon as Grandma steps out of the car, she breaks into a dance. I am curious to know what music she is dancing to as she appears to enjoy her dance.

A restaurant patron captured Grandma’s hilarious dance moves. She begins by swaying before unleashing some serious dance moves. You would not expect such performance from an old woman.

Play the video and watch the old woman in action. Prepare yourself for aching ribs at the end of the footage.

What did you think of the super hilarious video? Share your thoughts and opinion in the comments.



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