Gospel Choir Sings Incredible Version Of Old Spiritual Hymn


This might just be the most incredible version of this famous spiritual hymn ever recorded. Even though this video is over 20 years old, it still leaves me speechless every single time I hear it.

The 1991 video shows the Chester Mass Choir singing the famous song “Ride On, King Jesus,” and believe us when we say this is well worth the watch.

The song was a direct answer to the mistreatments and evils from slave masters. The beautiful lyrics poignantly state that even though the slave masters of that era were currently in power, they were no match for the power of faith, and that ultimately God was on the side of the slaves. These songs kept hope alive, like the story of the little boy who sang his favorite gospel tune when an evil kidnapper stole him, these songs kept the light of freedom shining no matter how bad things got.

Even though these spirituals have an upbeat sound and character, the stories behind them are heartbreaking and serious. In a time where hope was a distant memory, the salvation of God, alongside the power of the Gospel was often the only escape that many of these slaves had.

Often, singing these beautiful songs, and keeping up the tradition was what kept many of these people going every day, whether they were sorrow songs like, “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child,” or the exciting upbeat spiritual “Ride On, King Jesus”

Please listen to this amazing spiritual, and please let us know if you’ve heard a version like this!

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