She Was About To Go In For Surgery — But What She Does Moments Before Will Leave You STUNNED!


Call me a sissy, I don’t care, but you’re going to have to drag me into the operating room no matter how necessary the procedure!

Some people are complete wusses like me, while others handle adversity bravely like this mom with cancer who performed on X-Factor.

I distinctly recall being a teenager and making a run for the elevators whenever the doctors had to draw blood.

The nurse or hospital technician would talk me down from my panic. Then I would get pricked about a million times because she couldn’t find my veins.

I created so much chaos for such a small procedure. So when I saw Dr. Deborah Cohan, a cancer patient, do something totally out of the ordinary in the operating room, I was stunned.

This couldn’t have been an easy day, yet she looks so filled with joy, hope, and life. Now, I feel a bit silly about being scared of getting a vaccine or shot.

Dr. Cohan was going in for a double mastectomy and films herself in the OR dancing to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.”

“I made the video for myself so that I would be able to watch myself dancing after surgery,” she told Good Morning America.

But the rest of the world watched, too. Dr. Cohan’s video got over 7 million views!

See how Good Morning America surprised this courageous cancer survivor below and SHARE if this made you feel good!



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