Giant Dog Turns Into Love Bug When He Sees Grandma!


Snickle the dog may look fierce, but he’s really just a big love bug who loves his grandma. In the video below, adorably titled “Puppies have grandmas, too!,” Snickle gets a big surprise when his favorite human comes to see him.

“Snickle loves his grandma so much. Normally he visits her, but today she surprised him by coming to his house. He was so happy to see her,” the dog’s owner wrote on YouTube.

What’s so sweet about this moment is that he’s so gentle with the fragile, elderly woman. He puts his feet on the couch, so he can be closer to her and is patient. He even showers her with plenty of wet doggie kisses.

Just seeing how grandma looks adoringly at Snickle will melt your heart! Even though she’s getting older, this dog has a way of making her smile and you can see her brings her so much joy. It doesn’t get any sweeter than this!

According to his owner, “He was abandoned in a box on a very busy street when he was 4 weeks old. We never realized how big he would get, or how much we would gain, when we took him home.” It looks like this rescue dog is so grateful to the family who saved him and gave him a new forever home.

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