These Genius Dogs Have Mastered The Art of Food Burglary


I’ve seen dogs do some pretty crazy things for the chance to eat some people food. They will dig through garbage, and commit heinous crimes on Thanksgiving Day for the promise of just one bite of the forbidden fruit.

Now, we’ve seen this end in trouble for our four-legged friends more than one time, such as with this guilty dog who was caught red-pawed. But we all know that the true masters are the ones who never get caught.

For that, we have to turn to a whole different class of smooth criminals. These are not the dogs that get stuck in the trash can, these are the dogs that rule the trash can.

These guys have a million clever strategies for getting around the silly humans who always put their food where their pets can’t get it. Some of these capers are so smart, we’re wondering what new precautions we’re going to have to add. Maybe one of those moving laser-grid things?

I mean, check out the innovator at 1:45! With brilliant moves like that, he could probably give James Bond a run for his money. I pity the hostess that tries to put out a cheese tray with this sneaky guy around.

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