Former Spice Girl Mel C Is Working Tirelessly To Save Endangered Tigers


Most of us will remember Melanie Chisholm — better known by her stage name, Mel C — as Sporty Spice of the iconic pop group the Spice Girls. But it’s what she’s doing off the stage that has won her some of her biggest fans.

Melanie is now a far leap from the crop tops and jogging pants for which she branded her image in the 1990s. Nowadays, Melanie is an advocate for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, a nonprofit that works tirelessly to prevent poaching, establish protected lands for native species to roam unharmed, increase regulation for the protection of land and animals, and help spread education about wildlife in Africa and Asia.

So how did a former Spice Girl become involved with raising awareness about the dwindling tigerpopulation? She describes herself as a lifelong lover of big cats with an interest in preserving the species for generations to come. “If nothing changes and we continue to lose tigers at the rate that we are, I just think it’s devastating for us, for my child, for future generations,” she says. “It’s unthinkable that there wouldn’t be wild tigers on Earth at some point in the future.”

Together with the David Shepherd foundation, she’s hoping that a call to action will help protect our wildlife. Please SHARE this video to help in bringing attention to this important cause.




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