He Finally Gets The Snow Off His Car, But Then? What A NIGHTMARE!!!


For most of the United States, 2015 has been one of the most snowy, icy, frigid winters in recent years.

Of course, any snowfall can cause complete chaos for people who have places to be. Commuters see some of the very worst of the cold weather and it’s not just on the road. Sometimes just getting to your car and getting it started can be a real battle in itself (even though it doesn’t have to be!).

During these tough times on the road, sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself to keep going. That’s exactly why I’m sharing the following hysterical video for all of you commuters plagued by winter weather out there.

Most of us can relate to the man in this video braving the freezing temperatures to clear the snow off his car, but the ending is just priceless. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while…and it definitely warmed me right up!

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