Evidence Of Reincarnation? A Child’s Claims Stand Up Against Testing


Luke had quirks…what child doesn’t? But when aspects of what his mother thought was imaginative play started to seem like an obsession, she was pushed to intervene. Not a believer in reincarnation, imagine her surprise when her son began to claim a past life as a woman named Pam. Further investigation proved even more perturbing when his claims seemed to match up with actual events.

Although reincarnation is a commonly-held belief in eastern religions, it is not part of the mainstream culture in the western world. Still, 25% of Americans say they believe in reincarnation of the soul, and a few psychiatrists have even attempted to document case studies which they claim are suggestive evidence of reincarnation as a real phenomenon. Of course, because the soul defies typical scientific investigation, such studies are also met with hefty criticism.

we do not claim to know what lies beyond death, nor do we promote a particular belief. Still, we find these stories fascinating, if for no other reason than as a reminder of how little we know. What do you think of Luke’s story? If you have any other ideas as to how he could have known so much about Pam, please share them. We would love you hear your thoughts.




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