Event planner demonstrates how to bake your cake and ‘steal’ it too


Now no one has to know that you bake your cake and eat it too. If your planning on bringing a cake to an upcoming event, but want to savor a little of the goodness yourself, there’s a special way you can do so without being detected. The video below demonstrates how.

First the event planner cuts a small rectangular section of the cake, rotates it 90 degrees, and then cuts out another small rectangular section. By pushing the remaining large wedges together, the cake retains it’s symmetrical shape and the guests at the event will be none the wiser.

According to wilton.com, the proper way to serve a round cake is to “move in two inches from the cake’s outer edge; cut a circle, and then slice approximately 1 1/2 inch pieces within the circle.” The site then suggests moving another two inches from the new outer edge and repeating. This is a great method for serving cake at your event, but it doesn’t afford the opportunity of a sneak preview of the goods.

This event planning life hack might appear to be a bit self serving, but there’s no harm in testing the finished product before serving it to your guests, is there? For the an additional tip, the demonstrator suggests placing the newly formed cake wedges in cupcake wrappers to make the disappearing cake trick even less detectable. Not to mention it provides the guests at your event a cute way to enjoy the dessert. Happy party planning. Bon Appétit!



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