Drunk Driver Makes A Violent Getaway When Pulled Over By An Officer


have no idea what the driver of this vehicle was thinking when she got pulled over by an officer near the Pensacola Bay Bridge. Judging from what the officer is saying at the beginning of the video, the woman was driving while intoxicated. He asks her some basic questions to get her information and then moves to walk back towards his car. At this point, things take a violent turn as the woman attempts to make a clean getaway, but ends up taking the cop with her. I was in utter shock while watching her drive away.
According to this video’s YouTube description, the woman is now behind bars at the Escambia County Jail. The description also explains that when she drove off, she ran over the officer’s foot and caused a compound fracture in his arm. It’s obvious from the video that the officer is definitely injured, but it was encouraging to see the amount of people that stopped and gathered around him to see if he was okay.

Many of us at the Viral Tales were in complete shock when we watched what the driver in this video did. Check out the video below and tell us your thoughts in the comments section!




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