Doctors Save Cancer Patient, Then Surprise Her At Wedding 18 Years Later


At five years old, Madeline was diagnosed with leukemia. 18 years later, father of the bride, Ed, invites the doctor and two nurses who helped save Madeline’s life to the wedding to surprise his daughter.

After Madeline was diagnosed, her family prayed for angels to protect her. “Well, heaven sent three angels,” Dad says over the microphone, before announcing thesurprise appearance of Madeline’s medical team who saved her life. Much to her surprise, down the aisle walks the doctor who diagnosed her cancer, the doctor who treated her cancer, and the nurse “who inspired Madeline to be a nurse and taught her how to swallow up to 20 pills a day.”

The second Madeline turns around to see her trio of angels walking towards her, she’s absolutely floored. The family embraces the medical team, who then has the honor of presenting the flowers for the Devotion to Mary along with a single white yellow rose to signify hope and faith. In keeping with Catholic tradition, “They see how God used their knowledge and skill to help Madeline live her dreams.”

I’m so happy that the heroes who saved Madeline’s life 18 years ago could be there to reunite with her on her wedding day. Please SHARE this touching video with your friends on Facebook!



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