Devastated Mother Finds Healing In Friendship With Deceased Daughter’s Organ Recipient


Amom who was on the verge of losing all hope has found healing in a young stranger — and the connection between the two couldn’t be more heartbreaking.

The young woman, named Lisa Barker, was diagnosed with a very rare blood disease, Budd-Chiari Syndrome. Doctors gave her just days to live if she couldn’t receive a new liver.

Meanwhile, a woman named Dawn Sterling was seriously injured from a car crash. The accident also killed both of her daughters and her unborn grandson. While she was unconscious, her husband decided to make her 15-year-old daughter, Courtney, an organ donor — a decision that eventually saved Lisa’s life. Merely 10 hours after her diagnosis, Lisa received Courtney’s liver, and survived her disease.

Six months later, Dawn still mourned the tragic loss of her daughters. She says that she had lost all hope, and that if it hadn’t been for one small gesture from Lisa, she “wouldn’t be here anymore.”

The mother received a very heartfelt letter from Lisa, simply saying, “Thank you.” It was because of the Sterling family that Lisa can say that she is alive today, and she wanted to thank them.

Dawn says that the letter “saved” her, as it sparked a very special friendship between the two women’s families. They practically consider one another family now!

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