Delightful Street Art Only Reveals Itself When It Rains


We all know that rain is essential. It gives our plants life, fills our reservoirs, helps wash away dirt and grime from plants and streets – just to name of few of the benefits of rainfall. Still, it gets a bad rep. TV and film regularly put somber moments against a backdrop of rain, and the term “beautiful day” really only applies to sunshine. So in the rainy city of Seattle, one artist decided to try and change that narrative.

Using a non-toxic, biodegradable water repellant, he has been adding stencils all over the city. Completely invisible under normal conditions, the messages emerge only when wet, giving the residents a reason to smile while being caught in the rain.
I take a lot of public transportation (like most city-dwellers), and while it doesn’t rain nearly as often in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would be delighted to see something like this at the bus stop or along my walk. What about you? Do you have any ideas for messages you would like written in the rain? Tell us in our comments section below.


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