Dad Was Blaming His Dog For The Mess, Until The OTHER Dog Walked In…OMG!!!


The expression “caught red-handed” has been around for centuries. Usually spoken in reference to someone who has been caught in the act of committing a crime, according to, it has origins that date all the way back to Scotland in about the 15th century. That’s a long time ago, but it has become so ubiquitous that most people know it (and have used it) well even now.

But have you ever heard the expression “caught tissue-boxed?” I doubt it, because I just made it up. But if you watch this great video uploaded by YouTuber 2000Foxflyer, you’ll completely understand why I think this should totally replace “caught red-handed” as the caught-in-the-act phrase of choice.

In the video, 2000Foxflyer walks into his dog’s playroom to see a huge mess of ripped and shredded tissues on the floor. One of his adorable dogs sits on the couch — looking somewhat suspicious — unaware of why this human is walking in the room with a camera and asking questions.

The YouTuber starts asking the dog who made the mess, to which the couch dog just stares with its big puppy-dog eyes. Before long, however, 2000Foxflyer starts to pan the camera to the left where we see his second dog, Kacy… with a box of tissues stuck on its head! Ha!

I think we all know who made this mess now, don’t we? The YouTuber laughs a bit while letting his tissue-box-headed dog know that he’s been “caught tissue-boxed,” before he laughs again and pulls the box off his pup’s head.


Kacy shakes her head and walks away is if to say, “What? It wasn’t me. I’m not cleaning up that mess.”

“This was not a staged or rehearsed video,” 2000Foxflyer writes in the video description. “I guess Kacy wanted the last tissue in the box and put her head in too far. Noticed her in the play room standing stoic with the box on her head.”

It’s a short video, but the late reveal of Kacy with the tissue box on her head makes it one of the funniest (and most suspenseful) we’ve seen in a while.

So remember that next time you’re about to tell someone that they’ve been “caught red-handed.” We’re going with “caught tissue-boxed” now, okay?

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