Cub Scouts Build Paralyzed Dog A Set Of Wheels


When Noah was hit by a car, not a lot of people thought he had much hope. The 1-year-old beagle/dachshund mix had his back two legs paralyzed in the accident, and as he waited in the animal control center, he had no idea that he had mere hours left to live until they put him down.

That’s when Animal Control sent out a final plea for anyone to adopt him in order to save his life; and Vandie Enloe who saw the post on Facebook, decided that she was willing to become a foster parent to the poor pooch!

With his paralyzed legs, he’s forced to drag them behind him; the constant dragging would actually create even more wounds eventually. And that’s when Cub Scout troop 513 comes in: They heard about the puppy’s problems and that’s when they decided to ban together and do something about it!

It took three tries, but the boys had made a solemn promise to never give up until the job was done. Using PVC pipe and other basic building materials, they measured the dog time and time again until they were sure they did everything right. After hours of hard work they managed to build a small wheelchair which perfectly assists Noah and his mobility issues.

Eleven-year-old Talon Lewis proudly looked down at his work when he suddenly realized he’s starting to have trouble keeping up! The dog is fast and he has no issues anymore when it comes to running and playing!

The boys got a chance to learn how to build and engineer a small wheelchair in case they encounter any other animal in need, as well as a valuable lesson in the importance of community service. The boys are proud of their work, and Noah the dog has a chance to find his forever home and live the happy life that every dog deserves!

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