I Cried When They Granted This Stray’s Final Wish. His Story Broke My Heart.


Warning: This video is graphic, as the dog was found near dead and it follows his journey from dying in the streets to his touching final resting place.

Ol Boy never knew the comfort of a home or love of a family. He was born on the streets and destined to die there, until one day when fate intervened.  This old, lonely dog was found near dead and taken to a shelter, where they wanted to put him down. The men who found him did not agree. They wanted this dog to experience what he never got from life – to spend his final days in the comfort of a home, being loved and cared for.  They wanted to grant his final wish, to die naturally and have his ashes spread where he could FINALLY run free.

This video had me sobbing uncontrollably.  Ol Boy’s story really touched my heart. However, I feel it’s important for others to hear this dog’s story to realize that EVERY dog deserves to be treated equally, no matter what hand they were dealt in life. Please SHARE this story if you want to make a difference in an animal’s life.[video_player]



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