Clean The Snow Off Of Your Car, It Could Save A Life


It took a while for winter to really arrive this year, with record highs during the holiday season, but there’s no doubt that it’s here now. It’s now time to pull on those snow boots, bundle up in your warmest sweater, and zip up your puffiest coat.

It’s also time to become more aware of winter safety concerns. Besides keeping your body warm, you really have to pay attention to your daily routine during the chilly months. Black ice is a huge concern, whether you travel by foot or by car. You should always tread and drive with caution once things start to freeze over, especially if you are traveling over a bridge, where the cold temperature underneath the roadway makes it more likely to turn to ice. You may feel like you’re in total control behind the wheel, but trust me, you are not invincible!

There is one thing that you can control while driving during the snowy months, and that’s to make sure you clear off the roof of your car. Most people scrape off the ice from their windows, but completely neglect the inches of snow and ice that has accumulated on their roof. It’s crucial that you clear this off. If you don’t, you’re putting drivers behind you at serious risk, especially if you plan to drive at fast speeds or on a highway. Don’t believe me? Check out what happened to Jeff Cote on his early morning commute one winter morning.

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