Christian Comedian Explains Why Christians Deserve To Have Curse Words


These days, when I hear that someone is a comedian, I immediately tends to assume that they get their laughs from toilet humor filled with cussing, crass actions, and annoying subject matter.

Comedians like Robin Williams or Carol Burnett could make people laugh without completely relying on bad language, but cusses eventually became so intwined into most jokester’s vocabularies that they seem to have shown up in every single sentence.

As comics became more and more watered down over the years, they’ve lost their actual creativity, resorting instead to simply making childish noises followed by lewd language.

While there are a few comics who can actually still make jokes without cussing, like Jeanne Robertson, who uses her intelligence to make jokes, comedian Brad Stine has decided to call out the actual problem itself: It’s not fair that Christians don’t have cuss words!

While Stine isn’t a household name, he still manages to do pretty well for himself sticking to his morals while still managing to draw in huge crowds. He travels the country telling his jokes on his own terms, and he hasn’t had to sell his soul in order to make a paycheck!

His best moment is near the end when he says that Christianity is for adults, too. The Bible is filled with concepts that are big and deep and sometimes “rough.” Stine says some intelligent things here that go beyond humor and into philosophy. That Christianity is the only religion that will say “you stink!” then after a pause, “come on in…”

In his famous sketch he makes a hilarious demand, that “Christians deserve Curse words!” Make sure to watch his intelligent stand-up comedy routine below!

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