Chicken Lays A Giant Egg With A Surprise Inside


When a family went to collect their chicken’s eggs back in 2014, they couldn’t help but notice a particularly massive egg included in the bunch. And when they went to crack it open, the surprises just kept on coming.

“We have Orpington chickens, cold hardy large breed. Double-yolks are not that rare. About 1 in 1,000. The record is nine-yolk egg. But double eggshells are rare,” Dave explained. One egg developed separate, inside the shell of another.

IFLScience says, “Typically, a hen releases an oocyte (the egg cell that becomes the yolk) from her left ovary every 16 to 26 hours, according to Backyard Poultry Magazine. The oocyte then travels through the oviduct, where layers of membranes and albumen are added along the way. However, if a second oocyte is released too early, the first oocyte (now in the hen’s uterus) gets sucked back inside by a contraction induced by the second egg. The counter-peristalsis contraction pushes it backwards to where it gets embedded inside egg number two.”

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