Celine Dion Breaks Down In Tears While Performing In Memory Of Her Father…


Grab your tissues, because this performance will leave you with tears in your eyes…

It’s not often we see megastars so vulnerable in front of thousands of people, especially someone as “regal” as Celine Dion. On the day her father passed away, Celine was scheduled to perform at Caesar’s Palace — and although it was terribly difficult to do so, she kept her promise to her fans.

First, she talks about her father and how he was always her #1 fan — and how he would have wanted her to be on stage with everyone she loves, doing what she loves. She then dedicates the show, and her performance of “Wonderful World” to him.

As she moves through the song, Celine is understandably emotional, fighting back the tears; it’s so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Anyone who has lost a loved one can relate.

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