Catching Up With Sochi Olympians’ Rescue Dogs


During the Winter Olympics in Sochi, many American Olympians adopted stray dogs that were left abandoned on the streets.

Now, more than a year later, a new Sports Illustratedvideo highlights the dogs at home with Olympic hockey players Derek Stepan and Kelli Stack and snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis.

All of the dogs have come a long way from their days of living on the streets, and the athletes are happy to report that all the dogs are happy and healthy in their new forever homes.

Sixteen months ago, Jacobellis first spotted the wiry-haired dog outside her hotel. According toSI, “The 3-month-old stray was malnourished and had an eye infection; he sustained himself by begging for food while staying clear of hotel security.”

Jacobellis began to feed the dog scrapes and treats, but she began to fall for the dog and looked into how she could bring him back home to Vermont. Although she didn’t come back with any medals, the snowboarder claims that adopting the dog meant much more to her.

“My event didn’t pan out the way I would have liked,” she says in the video, “but it was nice to get something great out of it.”

The touching video also showcases Stepan — who plays for the New York Rangers — who looks after a pooch named Jake and Stack, who cares for a dog named Shayba.

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(Photo credit: Courtesy Gus Kenworthy)



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