A Camera Catches Squirrels Destroying A Pumpkin In The BEST Way Ever!


Just in time for Halloween, YouTuber richardmangan has figured out how to make the squirrels do the pumpkin carving for him. In the video, he captured a creative squirrel as it carves a very impressive face out of a pumpkin. The squirrel begins its work by eating some eye shapes. Then, he creatively adds the nose and creepy mouth. Finally, he’s all done! The pumpkin is ready to show off to the world and is ready for all the trick-or-treaters.

So just how did the squirrel know to carve those specific parts of the pumpkin? One commenter noted that the farmer likely put pure nut oil on the surface in a pattern he wanted them to chew through. Even so, this is pretty cool!

Watch squirrels carve a pumpkin in the video below and please SHARE with all your family and friends.




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