Buddy Brown Sings Soldier Tribute Song “Stop When You See A Uniform”


When the brave men and women of our military joined up to defend our country, they knew they were putting their lives at risk in order to answer our nation’s call. They knew they would be separated from their families for long periods of time, thousands and thousands of miles away in a foreign land.

But there was always the hope that when they returned, that they would be given the thankfulness and respect that they’d worked so hard to earn. So when they do finally return after months and sometimes even years of being away from home, they’re always hurt to see that not too many people really, honestly seem to care.

As they walk the streets in their uniforms, it really seems like everyone else is either glued to their phones or just not paying attention to their surroundings. Singer/songwriter Buddy Brownnoticed this awful trend one day; and when he saw how much of a problem it really was, he decided he was going to write a song about it.

After watching this video our hearts filled with pride. Next time we see anyone in uniform we’re going to do our very best to stop them, and thank them for everything they did for our country. Politics aside, these men and women put their lives at risk every day to defend our safety, that at least deserves a simple, “thank you!”

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