The ‘Black Widow’ Scam Targets Traveling Men


The Travel and Escape YouTube channel has some of the best videos from Canada’s Travel and Escape television station. While their channel has videos of exotic foods to try, personal travel stories and travel tips, some of the most popular videos are those exposing scams that target unsuspecting tourists.

In the footage below, Conor Woodman, the host of the show Scam City, allows himself to be targeted by a very attractive young woman in a bar. He suspects that as flattering as it may be, her interest is not in him, but in his possessions. Watch the video to see how this scam is played out, and what she has to say when they reveal that it was a trap. I was struck by how casually she talks about the plan and what happens to her victims.

If you travel on a business trip, remember to be vigilant. Often, men don’t see themselves as potential victims for scams like this, and it can leave them vulnerable.

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