Black Nigerian Couple Gives Birth To Blonde, White Baby


Having a child is regarded as a miracle for any parent, and giving birth to a healthy child is usually all a parent desires. However, when Ben and Angela Ihegboro’s daughter Nmachi was born, they couldn’t help but be genuinely shocked at her appearance. Perfectly healthy, with blonde hair and pale skin, Nmachi’s appearance baffled the Ihegboros, since the Nigerian couple are in fact black.

As far as the Ihegboros know, they have no Caucasian blood in either of their family trees which could be the cause for her appearance. Albinism was also ruled out at first; however, BBC suggested that they still might carry the gene for albinism despite not having relatives who are albino. In a story from CBS News, two other possibilities were brought up: Nmachi’s parents might “harbor long-dormant Caucasian DNA from a long-forgotten interracial coupling” or she might just have a rare genetic mutation that has never been seen before. Regardless, Nmachi’s good health is a blessing for the family and enough for them.

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