Barney Fife Recites The Preamble In One Of The Funniest Clips In Television History


Barney Fife has always had the unfortunate reputation of being seen as a bit of an idiot. While he’s certainly a lovable character and a joy to watch, you can’t help but lose respect for the guy after his gun accidentally shoots off for the twelfth time, or laugh at his misfortune when he locks himself into a cell once again!

But the man behind the character, Don Knotts, has earned his place in television history, and for good reason, too. His comedic genius is truly one of a kind, and when you watch him in the clip below, you’ll easily understand why this clip is considered one of the cleanest bits of comedy ever recorded on tape.

Barney is so beloved by television lovers of all ages that his character is considered one of the top 50 tv characters of all time.

Andy plays the perfect straight man in this hilarious clip; he calmly tries to help Barney remember the lines to the preamble; and even though Barney tells him he’s memorized every word, you can’t help but smile at the sheer pain he goes through as he “recites” the famous words.

When Barney finally makes it through, he ends this famous clip with a fine bit of acting that really shows how intense Barney Fife’s delusions of grandeur truly are. Please watch this clip if you love to laugh.

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