Baker Presses Heart On Gingerbread Cookie But It’s The End Results That Have People Speechless


There’s no denying that most every cookie tastes delicious and can be hard to resist. In fact, if you don’t have self-control it could be easy to gobble up quite a few! But there are some desserts that are almost too stunning to eat – just like the cookie in the video below. What starts out as a plain piece of gingerbread becomes something that’s out-of-this-world beautiful.

If you really want to impress your guests than this decorating style will surely do the trick. The baker is creating a “traditional Hungarian gingerbread cookie,” which is far from your average-looking dessert. She begins by taking a simple square of gingerbread and pressing a diamond and heart-shape inside it. Now comes time for the piping bag! With a steady hand the woman lines the heart with icing, then adds a detailed criss-cross pattern that makes it pop. But she’s just getting started…

Using icing the baker fills in the background and creates details on the cookie that make it look like a gorgeous piece of lace. She then delicately adds a floral design with her piping bag. The entire process is actually very mesmerizing and satisfying to watch! Once it’s finally completed it may have you wondering if it’s a now piece of art – or still a cookie. Get ready to be amazed and press play on the video below!



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