Baby Deer comes up Every Morning and Evening to Feed by Calling Her Name


A few years ago, Shannon Burgess posted a stunning video on her YouTube channel that her husband recorded on his mobile phone.

They live near the forest, and one day a man found a completely hungry deer at a construction site. They tended the reindeer for several days and then released them into the wild.

Shannon Burgess.Youtube

However, this wonderful animal returned to them. He was bottle fed several times and was even given the name Dottie. As soon as they called the deer by name, he returned to them.

In the video, the couple writes that Dottie is a deer who goes to the top every morning and evening and receives bottled milk as a gift.

Watch a stunning video in which a young man calls a deer by name before leaving the forest to feed him. Will fish be able to catch you in their own way?



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