Artist Uses Chopsticks To Create A Portrait Of Jackie Chan


Malaysian artist Hong Yi, nicknamed “Red” has become internationally known for her unique art. Using materials like chopsticks, socks, or a basketball dipped in paint, she has gained a reputation as the artist who “loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush.” Her work piqued the interest of Jackie Chan’s art director. The famous movie star and martial artist was turning 60, and a portrait by the young artist seemed like a perfect gift.

Hong Yi spent a month collecting 64,000 disposable bamboo chopsticks from Zhejiang and in Beijing. She felt that repurposing something typically thrown out after a single use to create a lasting work of art was an appropriate medium to represent Jackie Chan, an avid environmentalist. She carefully bundled the chopsticks which were hung from a steel frame to create the portrait. There are also bamboo chopstick holders filled with skewers cut to different lengths. The longer skewers project farther to form the Chinese word for “dragon,” Jackie’s Chinese name.

loves giving new artists like “Red” some recognition, and we hope to see more from her soon. What do you think of her portrait? Let us know in the comments below.




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