What This Artist Is Doing To Photos From The Past Is Brilliant. They’re Literally Fantastic.


Costica Acsinte was a Romanian photographer from around the turn of the century. His work is now the foundation for a new series from conceptual photographer Jane Long. The series is called “Dancing with Costica.”

Long used her photo editing skills to transform the subjects in Acsinte’s photographs into wild figures in a fantasy world of her own making. The results are seriously amazing. It’s hard to not make up a back story for each of these photos. Just check them out.

The old pictures are completely transformed.

Some are whimsical, while others are serious.

The juxtaposition of old world charm and modern art is just wonderful.


If you thought those were cool, check out some of Long’s other work below. She specializes in strange, surreal photography that is just so striking:



(Via: My Modern Met)

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