She Approached A Stray Dog On The Beach, But What She Did Next Changed Everything


In Greece, the number of stray dogs can be counted in their millions. Some of these canines land a good chance and get rescued and probably adopted, and given their great number, the sick and the more disadvantaged ones are given the first priority. In this case, the rules changed!

This nice lady went out to the beach with her dogs, and that’s when something really amazing happened. At the beach, she saw this cute stray dog that seemed to have quit a liking for people. The dog craved for attention. She was clearly the type to be saved from this hard life. She was too friendly to be ignored!

Next, the woman lured the cool canine to her car and drove off with her. She named her Blue. Soon enough, lovely Blue struck gold and got adopted by a loving mom from Holland, and she’s doing great. In fact, Blue is training hard to become a therapy dog. Wow!

Watch the clip here and you’re sure to fall for this dog.



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