An abandoned blind cat is rescued and has a new mom who says, “I See You With My Heart”


A TikTok user named Panchito created an account to bring attention to many important things, including pet adoption, abuse, people, and more.

The owner of the user said that pet owners should never abandon their pets, no matter the circumstances. If you can’t take care of your pet, give it to a shelter.

Panchito shared a story about a cat he found on the street. Unfortunately, the cat had a serious eye disease due to which he lost his sight and became completely blind!

Panchito shared the video on TikTok and said he would take care of the cat with all his heart. The video immediately went viral with over 16,000 comments, 1,300,000 likes and 8 million views. Many people commented on the video to show how happy they were to see Panchito doing it.

Also on the account you can watch many other videos that talk about the importance of rescuing and caring for animals without abandoning them. Watch the video below.

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@panchitokitty Mi nombre es panchito 🤍✨ #blindkitten #gatitociego #panchito #gatitostiktokers #gatitostiktok #michis #catlove #kitty #mascota ♬ original sound – Max and Cali



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