Adorable Bulldog Puppy Can’t Stop Kissing Owner


Here’s one problem I definitely wouldn’t mind having…

Every dog owner knows that one of the best parts about having a furry best friend is all the unconditional love they share with you. I don’t know about you, but to me, there is nothing like coming home after a long day to find a dog with their tail wagging and a big, happy smile on their face. It’s hard to resist passing by without giving them a nice belly rub or letting them plant a big, wet kiss on your face.

There’s nothing wrong with letting your canine companion give you endless smooches. In fact, it’s actually a good thing, as it lets your pet know you care, just as it would with humans. If you’re a pet owner, you might just be able to relate to the precious “problem” the guy in this next clip has with his adorable bulldog puppy. Like many dog owners, this guy can’t help, but let his cute pup enjoy some time snuggling in bed with him.

However, once he starts smooching his pooch, it’s clear that the little pup isn’t going to let him stop at just one. He wants endless kisses and refuses to let his owner leave until he gets them.

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