A man filmed an encounter with a cougar, and the wild animal chased him for 6 minutes


Recently, a video of a strange meeting in the mountains of American Utah spread online.

There, one of the tourists recorded a close encounter with a cougar on his mobile phone, and, fortunately, all the skin was removed from the wild animal.

The video, posted online by user Cougarkyle, attracted the attention of netizens and received more than 9 million views on YouTube alone.

The puma or cougar or panther is a mammal of the cat family. This large, solitary cat requires a larger territory than any other mammal in the West. This is a very experienced predator, but rarely attacks people unless it is in danger.

The man who encountered the cougar wrote next to the video that there were cubs nearby – so the female showed her defensive side and tried to attack the man several times, but he reacted correctly when he retreated from the wild animal. See this scene through the eyes of a tourist in Utah, USA.



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