A Kitten In A Car Was Almost Eaten By A Hawk


The other day a video appeared on the Internet where you can see a scene with a kitten in a car.

The kitten’s owner captured on video the moment when the pet was attacked by a hawk, but was protected by the windshield.

The video, posted on Gabriel M’s YouTube channel, has already become a real hit – it has now been viewed by more than 1.3 million people, and many Internet users note that kittens and puppies can be in danger in the open air.

Judging by the video, a red-tailed hawk from the cormorant family attacked the kitten in the car. This bird is considered one of the largest birds in North America and is the most common. In the video, the cub was likely attacked by a female who, due to her young age, was not very good at hunting prey.

Watch this video of a red-tailed hawk attacking a kitten in a car in Ladera Heights, Los Angeles. Fortunately, thanks to the windshield, the kitten remained safe.



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