A crying child is left unattended with two dogs, and a pet comes to the rescue


A month ago, a video appeared on YouTube where you can watch a breathtaking scene in a children’s room.

There, the baby was left in the care of two dogs, one of which was caught on camera comforting the child.

The video clip, which was posted on YouTube last month, has already become a huge hit – it has now been viewed by more than 7 million people and many animal lovers are amazed by the scene.

Pó D’Arroz, YouTube

We can mark the moment when a child begins to cry in the nursery. There were two dogs nearby, and one of the pets immediately jumped up and began to lick the crying child. He consoled the child and everything was fine again.

Watch this touching video where you can watch your dog’s behavior as he starts crying next to you. Does this scene resonate with you?



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