5-Year-Old Dressage Horse Has The Best Time Ever Playing With A Bouncy Ball


Ficcochino is a 5-year-old dressage horse who is as playful as he is beautiful. So when his trainer wants to have a little fun with a big bouncy ball, Ficcochino is all over it, quite literally. Kicking and prancing and pouncing like a puppy, it’s hard not to watch this gleeful dance without grinning ear to ear. His colorful hooves temporarily eschew all remnants of their formal training as he frolics in the dirt with reckless abandon.

Historically, dressage horses were trained for military purposes, as mobility and obedience provided a substantial tactical advantage on the battlefield. That’s all the more reason why it was so enjoyable to see Ficcochino let loose like this. What did you think of this playful display? Let us know in the comments and spread this video to all of your animal-loving friends.



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