2 Boxers Meet Newborn Sister For The First Time


There are very few sweeter things in life than when dogs meet newborn “siblings” and can’t contain their excitement over the strange tiny creature in front of their snouts. That’s exactly what happens here: watch as 5-year-old Macey and 1-year-old Vanda meet their brand-new baby sister for the first time, wagging their tails in the most adorable fit of curiosity. Here at SF Globe, we love this parental approach of slowly “introducing” the boxers to the baby, keeping the environment as calm and nonthreatening as possible. We can imagine this eases the transition in the most comfortable way.

There’s also just something so captivatingly sweet about this moment. Between attempts to lick the baby’s face and mad dashes to hop in the bassinet with her, you can tell Macey and Vanda have fallen in just as much love with the baby girl as their parents have. What a special moment for this beautiful new family!

What did you think? How did your pets react when you brought your kids home for the first time? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to SHARE if you found this as precious as we did!



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