15-Year-Old Boy Impresses Michael Bublé With His Singing Voice


This clip was taken from the ITV1 documentary “This is Michael Buble.” The video starts with a mom coming to the front of the stage and telling Michael about her son, Sam, who recently turned 15 years old. She lets him know that he is a good singer and after listening her for a bit, he decides to just bring the kid onstage and see what he can do. Michael starts by singing the first line of “Feeling Good” and then turns the mic over to the kid. Sam doesn’t even get through one line before Michael starts freaking out. You’ll have to watch the video to hear his voice for yourself.

For many people, this might be where the story ends, but not for Sam. The people over at Living The Dream decided to follow up and see where he was now. They found out the mom in the video was Paula Hollyman from Stafford, England. Her son, Sam Hollyman, was the talented boy who made his way onstage. According to them, after the concert, Sam got to go backstage where Michael passed on some advice to get him going; they reported that “Bublé’ told Sam that it took him 11 years to get where he is. He said ‘Go and learn your craft.'” He did just that.

Since this amazing performance, he has launched his own album and even turned dow the chance to audition on Britain’s Got Talent. It sounds like his mom was the determining factor on that one as she didn’t want the show to “force him to sign away his career.” Two years after this, he did decide to go on “The Voice,” but, unfortunately, didn’t make it to the next round. The coaches on the show encouraged him to work at it and try again next year.

It has now been four years since that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and he hasn’t given up. He has his own YouTube channel with 9,000 subscribers and over one million views. He is an inspiration to many, showing that no matter what you may see as an obstacle in your way, nothing will beat your dedication. Check out this video to see what he can do.



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