After 10 Years, Rock ‘n’ Roll Couple Finally Gets A Makeover


If we should all re-evaluate our hairstyles every two years, then the couple you’re about to meet is stuck in a time warp. Tim and Wendy, who referred to themselves as the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hair Couple,” were married for 12 years. Their friends and family absolutely adored them, but were horrified by their outdated hair and fashion sense. Wendy hadn’t cut her hair since 1992, and she’d only wear it in a matronly bun. Tim admitted he looked 50, but he was actually 43 at the time; he hadn’t cut his hair since 1985!

Since Tim and Wendy hadn’t changed their hair-metal hairstyles in more than a decade, they both looked 10 years older than they actually were. In the video below from 2003, the couple appears on Oprah for an incredible and much-needed couples makeover — and wait until you see the results! Though their physical transformation is astounding, there’s one thing that remains the same — and that was the love that Tim and Wendy so boldly and openly shared.

Tim passed away in 2008. He was buried in the Prada suit he wore on Oprah, with his leather jacket on top. To cope with the devastating loss of her husband, Wendy decided to try and play music, and she even joined Tim’s band. “I’m glad that the whole world got to see how we felt about each other,” she says. “I wish everybody could express the way they feel about the ones they love like that.”

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