Woman demonstrates how to install flooring using brown craft paper


Installing new flooring can easily become a costly expenditure depending on the materials that are used. While everyone wants flooring that is aesthetically pleasing, achieving this can mean having to purchase expensive supplies and in some cases, even hiring out contractors. Prices can vary quite drastically when it comes to floor remodels, but fortunately, there are options for flooring materials that are both easy on the wallet and pleasing to the eye.

A method commonly referred to as paper bag flooring allows for an affordable and unique floor design that is easy for homeowners to do themselves. The technique gets its name from the paper bags that are often used as the foundation for the flooring. While paper bags can be used as the primary material, many individuals have found that brown craft paper is a better alternative as it’s thicker and sturdier.

The following footage features a woman installing paper bag flooring in an area of a business. The method involves laying scraps of brown paper onto the floor and securing them with polyurethane and glue. While the woman in the video doesn’t require glue for her project, many others have used it in addition to polyurethane to further set the paper in place. Some methods, such as the one below, include applying a stain over the pieces of paper, making for a more dramatic look.

Paper bag flooring leaves room for a ton of creativity. Some owners have even made designs on the floor by treating the stain as paint. Prices can vary depending on what approach one takes with paper bag flooring, but the average price tends to hover between $100-$200. One couple achieved a stunning mosaic-like floor by strategically placing various-sized pieces of paper and applying stain more heavily to some of them, all for only $100.



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